Italian moth, attracted by light

We prioritize sourcing fine jewelry, accessories, and home products from women-owned brands whose craftsmanship speaks for itself; intentionally curating a selection of heirloom-inspired designs, wherefore, quality is long-lasting.

Our principles, and thus, our mission is to nurture female empowerment, partner with artisans both locally and globally, and ensure quality is never overlooked.

Falena's glow illuminates from 51 Main St. in Irvington, NY.

Inspired by Founder Nicole Vallario's Grandmother, Angie, who worked at luxury Manhattan boutiques in the '60s, never left home without fully accessorizing, and was always adorned in jewels, Falena's Westchester, NY-based boutique is equally as precious with its decor.

Transporting guests into a life-sized jewelry box wrapped in ethereal floral wallpaper, dotted with jewel tones and finished with velvet textiles, Falena is where you'll discover your next cherished family heirloom.

About the Founder.

Nicole Vallario is a veteran of the fine jewelry industry having 16 years of experience at high-end retailers after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.
A Westchester, New York native, Nicole has now made it home to her growing family and Falena's roots. She prioritizes working within her local community, partnering with neighboring businesses, and fostering a group of like-minded women who appreciate quality, exquisite design, and sparkle.